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The internet has completely changed not only the way society works, but also the way people as a whole view and consume media. There is no doubt that the internet has cause a huge growth in the volume of information that is accessible. Now a days there is practically no excuse to not be able to do a minor task or cook an easy meal with the internet, the world is at your fingertips, but this isn’t always a good thing. With the internet we are now able to consume media much simpler, we can look up any topic and find information on anything that intrigues us. We constantly consume media from news websites or social media, people are now able to use blogs to spread their ideas much more efficiently. Before the internet it was much more difficult to give your two cents to a large audience, sure you could go around and tell everyone you know your opinion on some political affair, but now with the internet one could simply comment on a news article or post in their blog and anyone with a computer now has instantaneous access to it. Consuming media has become so easy with the internet that we are constantly doing it without even realizing it.

By using blogs people are able to create fan pages which actually is the reason for the balance of power between fans of Harry Potter and Warner Brothers. Warner Brothers believed they were entitled to fan pages because they were a corporation and owned Harry Potter, but the fans showed Warner Brothers that they are on equal playing terms. They explain that you mess with one fan and you mess with all of them.

Fan culture has changed radically in the past couple of years due to surge of blogs and fanpages in general. It has become much easier to find people with similar interests as you with the invention of tumblr or facebook where you can simply search for a fandom and find other fans just like yourself. A similar scene that has this “bottom-up momentum” is Twilight or Hunger Games which became very popular after books came out. I guess the most important thing in this movie was the idea that fans really do have a say when it comes to corporations, I think the idea of a community within a fandom is extremely important to keeping a franchise in check.



So this week we didn’t have the most productive week, while we were able to finally knock out a script and make plans for shooting the video, we were hoping to have already started filming this week. So one big milestone would be completely finishing the script. The other milestone would be a significant amount of work has been done in equipment and extras. Before a major concern was getting people to be willing to act in the video, but we managed to solve that issue it seems like. With filming coming up I plan on encountering quite a few complications.

One of the main issues we are going to need to look out for is capturing the audio properly. Since we have an actual story with real actors rather than just a basic voice over or people talking directly to the camera, we may run into some issues with the audio. We need to just be careful and make a bunch of different shoots in hope we are able to avoid the problem. Also if we do encounter issues, we can attempt to edit the audio and remove unwanted sound in audacity.

Another issue we may come across is one that will be encountered only in post-production. We were trying to think how we could make people believe when the ghost and main character are alone only they are there. We decided that the best way of doing that would be to have every scene with them in it grey scaled. I can imagine this idea making it work, and it seems like a fairly easy thing to accomplish in most video editing software. I believe iMovie has an option which lets you turn clips into black and white. So using iMovie I think we absolutely avoid the problem of not being able to convey the situation.


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So I’m not exactly sure what the best way of using these pieces of media, but they’re all fairly generic that could be fit into almost anywhere of our project. I tried to pinpoint areas, but the ideas are not completely thought through.

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I decided that for the picture to go with something to show the feeling that goes with not knowing what your major is, so I decided stress was good idea. The picture I found definitely resembles stress, while still kind of makes you feel hopeful, as if the stress ball will make all of your problems vanish into nothing.

For the music I chose to go with the complete opposite thought, while the picture showed the act of feeling stressful, and possibly the act of reliving it, the song I chose perfectly captures the feeling of no longer having any stress. I’m not entirely certain how I’d use this audio, but I imagined it possibly being the song accompanying the credits.  I’m not a hundred percent certain, maybe it could be a background sound during a ghost scene. Another area where we would need a good audio would be the dreaming scene. I don’t think fully captures the dreaming feeling to it, but if we keep searching I am sure we will find a perfect sound for the scene.

Lastly, for the video I chose a fairly generic choosing a major video. While we absolutely shouldn’t use the video directly, since it’s not exactly what we want, but it still can give us some good ideas on what exactly to say. I was hoping to find tips on choosing a major, but I couldn’t find anything really worthwhile. I still think “How to answer, “Why did you choose your major” can help us if we borrow some of their tips.

Storyboarding Critique

So after our last meeting we took the whole storyboard to a completely different level. We completely changed our mind on what we wanted to do and personally I love it. Rather than do the interview thing, which was a very half-baked idea we decided to go for a more story based video. Honestly I think this idea is a really good one that definitely has great potential. Pretty much everything changed after our meeting, and there are completely new elements such as costumes and actors needed for this new one, but I think it’s still just a better idea than our past one. Using this new storyboard I think we’ll have an easier time writing a script and really advertising Career Services. Our last idea seemed like it may have mocked Career Services more than helped. With this actually story idea I think it will definitely make this project must simpler and will portray Career Services in terms of choosing a major in a much more positive light, while our other idea seemed like it wasn’t really beneficial to Career Services and that people wouldn’t use them for when it comes to choosing their major. With this “ultimate vision” for the project I don’t think we will encounter that issue at all.



                So honestly I’m not entirely sure how I want this project to be taken. It’s quite hard to do “Choosing a Major” while making it both informative and not painful to watch. My main goal is to not make it one of those videos that you feel like you’d rather shoot yourself than have to watch. The whole office relations videos and PDA videos make me cringe every time I see them and frankly I’m a bit worried ours will end up a bit like that. Since Choosing a Major isn’t a very exhilarating topic I think we need to somehow make it funny. Unfortunately the line between professional and parody can easily be misunderstood when you add humor to it so we must make sure that people don’t consider our video a parody, as I’m sure Career Service would not appreciate that. Because of this I think we should include some stereotypes and have interviews, but be sure to not make it too over the top. As for including it in a storyboard, I just assumed we’d interview people. Maybe talk to a career counselor and a few students. Pretty straightforward to put on a storyboard since we really only need a microphone and camera. If we wanted to make it stand out a bit more we could possibly make it more of a talk show situation. Rather than just a journalist interviewing someone on the street we could have them sitting in a chair and reenact The Tonight Show or any other late night talk show.


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Top 5


To start with I don’t have a Puppy so this choice was not a selfish act at all. This blog over all was fantastic. The header was absolutely golden. I don’t think there was any possible way for that header to be more perfect. It fits the theme wonderfully. For a second I thought she found a theme that was actually puppy themed, but no the header is just amazing. Past the header and theme the content is also fantastic. I very much enjoyed reading it and I have never had puppy in my life.


Okay okay you caught me I am selfish. If you read my midterm project post you would know I love TV so this blog absolutely stuck out at me. I thought the header was really cool and the theme was sleek, but what really stood out at me was the subject in general. Especially the first post I saw was “My ‘Not-So-Good’ Reaction to Breaking Bad” it’s controversial, brings up great points, and is entertaining. While I disagree completely, I very much appreciate how well done her posts are. This blog is an amazing place for anyone who likes TV.


Now Eat, Sleep, Music really stood out at me for its slim theme. It is one of the best designed blogs I’ve ever seen. I truly thought it was a professional theme and that Kelly was a graphic designer. Okay moving past the theme I loved the detail of the posts, they were very enjoyable reads it overall is just well written. I’ve never heard of Dr. Eargasm before so it was just really cool as a video interview. Overall this blog is amazing for being perfectly designed. From the header to the video everything was sculpted with absolute perfection.


So going into this blog I knew absolutely nothing about E-Sports at all. Not only did I not know anything about E-Sports, I also had no clue it even existed. I was just unaware of E-Sports entirely until stumbling upon this blog. I knew to some degree that video game competitions existed, but I never would have thought that they can be considered a spot. I am a bit more curious about E-Sports since it’s a completely new field to me. I wonder how big the fan base is and how the compete. Is it just state or is there a national competition? I’m going to start looking up E-Sports.


Alright so now for Early Adapter’s Blog I chose primarily on interest and design. While other blogs had content which intrigued me, they would unfortunately have a theme and header that would hurt my eyes, or they’d have a beautiful theme, but no substance at all. For me Early Adapter’s Blog was perfect. First of all, I absolutely love the theme. The header looks absolutely amazing, and the theme itself is so sleek and easy on the eyes. It also looks a bit futuristic which fits the content aspect. The content is just new technologies, but it is done incredibly.

Midterm Blog

Alright so for my midterm I had a bit of difficulty just in general. I had quite a hard time trying to decide on what kind of blog I should make. I don’t really have many unique hobbies like some people. For an example, I’m not into extreme sports (awesome blog idea for anyone who’s into jumping off mountains and almost dying for fun) or really anything out of the norm so I really struggled trying to make my blog stand out. I ended up deciding to go with a sitcom blog. In hindsight I’m still not sure if this was a good idea, but television is one of the few things I really do genuinely enjoy. So after deciding television was a decent idea I narrowed it down to sitcoms because I figured television was too broad of a topic. As for the header I had a bit of a hard time creating it. For some reason the theme decided to zoom up on random parts of the header, even though I used the recommended size. So I couldn’t figure out why it kept zooming up on random parts, and was going crazy trying to figure it out. After guessing and checking I finally arrived at a header that I really enjoyed. As for the rest of the blog it all made itself, there wasn’t much of a creative process since I just wrote about shows I really enjoy and for the video project over viewed the newest season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

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Most of the creativeness was in trying to decide on a blog topic, from there the rest was pretty self-explanatory. For the video project I had a bit of a hard time transitioning properly, but it was pretty simple once I got transitioning to look okay.


I had a real easy time with this week, I found it to be pretty much a cake walk. There really wasn’t much to it this week since everything was very straightforward. I have to say after the audio week I’m thrilled that this one was much simpler. I had a bit of trouble finding a good ePortfolio, I thought it would be much much easier to find one than it actually was. I assumed a simple Google search for ePortfolio would come up with a million hits to different people’s portfolios, but instead I just found loads of links to ePortfolio tools to create your own. I think this kind of says a lot of the effectiveness of ePortfolios. If it’s hard to find one by searching the name, then it’s clear that while many people may be using these tools, it’s either an ineffective way of drawing it hits to the website or everyone who has ever made a portfolio online really needs to learn some SEOing. Anyway I’m getting off topic so once I finally found an ePortfolio I liked,, I was able to get started on the screencasting. Using Screencast-o-matic everything is pretty much self-explanatory and went pretty smoothly. I really didn’t have much go wrong at all. I had a bit of a hard time thinking of 5 things I liked and 5 they should have done differently, but it was pretty simple to nitpick and think of a few more.

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I’m honestly not sure who uses this tool besides people who make YouTube videos. I suppose it can be utilized in the world of business to demonstrate a product and still have your face there explaining it as you go. So I suppose anyone who likes to make YouTube videos of games they’re playing or analyzing videos/music videos or if you’re showcasing a new product you’d absolutely value screencasting. As for creative projects I really can’t think of anything besides reviewing other videos. It could come in handy for extras in movies where the actor is talking during the movie.


Well it’s week five and while I didn’t have that difficult of a time completing the week prior to this one, this week was a bit harder for me. I’ve never used Audacity, unlike Photoshop, so I was in uncharted water. To start with I had no idea what two songs I could pick that would go well together. I don’t even think the two songs I chose work very well, but it was the best I could do. After playing around with a bunch of different songs I finally ended up with what I just posted above. I chose “Crystalized” by The xx as the first song mainly just because I really love The xx. Yeah it’s a terrible reason, but I think it kind of works with the voice over it. I spliced most of the song, as the directions said, and I tried crossfading it out, but I don’t think the crossfade is very apparent and the crossfade in to the next song sounds pretty bad, but it’s the best I could really do. The crossfade is definitely apparent, but I just don’t think the songs match up that well. The transition just sounds a bit choppy, but I guess I’m not a DJ so it’ll have to do.

The XX album cover. Picture from WIkipedia

There is definitely a lot of professional potential to knowing how to use Audacity or Garageband since you can start learning to create music. I’m pretty sure artists don’t use audacity or garageband, but I’m sure they all use programs like these. I’d actually be really interested in learning how EDM and electronic tracks in general are created. How different are the programs they use to the ones we do? As for personal use it’s always useful to know how to edit audio, I’m not sure how often I’ll use it, but it’s a useful skill to have.


So I actually had a fairly difficult time with making a header. I know Photoshop already so making it came pretty natural to me, but the issue was the theme I am using uses such a tiny header. The theme wanted the header to be 50×50 pixels, which I had no idea how small that really is. I saw other peoples headers so I made a normal size one (1000×250) and cropping it was impossible due to the required amount being absolutely tiny. So I decided to try and make a 50×50 one but every attempt ended up with it just looking insanely weird and distorted. Eventually I took the background from the theme and using two different pictures I think it finely looks decent. Although I still don’t really like the look, since it looks more of a logo than a banner, I think it gets the job done and looks decent on the banner.


This is the size I thought headers should be. Picture taken from

This is the size I thought headers should be.
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As for how I can use my newfound skills I think I can finally do what I always dreamed of and Photoshop my friend’s faces in random pictures. For an example, I believe I can finally edit a picture of my roommate and dress him as a pimp in order to show him how amazing he could look if he, rather than study Information Technology, followed his true entrepreneurial destiny and opened up a brothel. While this may not be a practical skill, I think it can definitely help me have a lot of fun in life and isn’t that what really matters? Now that would be classic example of what Coleman describes as trolling. While it’s very humorous and entertaining for the Photoshopper to edit someone’s photo in order to make them look ridiculous, it can also really hurt someone’s feelings. When people are able to edit photos to make someone else look any way they want there is bound to be problems. I think it’s important to remember that although using Pixlr and Photoshop may be easy to do and can yield many fun outcomes, people need to be weary of what they do because someone might take their joke as serious and that can lead to something terrible.